Memorial Crystal Products

Who actually makes the pieces?
Crystal Signatures Inc, a patented crystal manufacturing facility, located in Bethlehem, PA.

Can I get an inscription on my memorial?
Of course, just select “Yes” for the “Add Engraved Message” option when placing your order and add your message in the Cart.


How much of the ashes do you need to make a piece?
One teaspoon. All of this information will be provided to you in your Ashes Collection Packet.

Can I use a lock of hair instead of ashes?
No, for this application hair does not work.

Are these for Pets or People? Pets are people too aren’t they?
Both, any loved one deserves the best.

Can you combine ashes?
Yes, again we would need a total of one teaspoon of ashes.

How do I know that you used our loved one’s ashes?
Everything is numbered and labeled. There are very strict guidelines when it comes to handling a loved ones ashes and we follow them diligently.

Can we extract/remove ashes?
The crematorium will provide you with your loved one’s ashes. You can do what you like, within the law, with them. This process is within the law.

Am I able to see the ashes inside the piece?
Yes you will see them, but we have place our punty cuts in places that enhance the crystal not detract from it.

Acquiring Ashes

How do I arrange to get my loved one’s ashes?
Contact you local funeral parlor or crematorium. We are only here to create a memorial to honor your loved one in the best way possible.


How do I get the ashes to you?
We will send you a collection kit once you place your order with very easy to follow and detailed instructions.

How soon after you receive the ashes should I expect to receive my pieces?
3 to 4 weeks is our standard turnaround (two weeks once we receive your loved ones ashes). However if your order needs to be expedited please contact us directly.

How is the memorial shipped to me and what is the shipping cost?
We ship UPS in the United States. The cost will be calculated based on the weight of the piece you select.

Where do you ship?
We ship all over the world. For international shipping there will be surcharges.